Metdog, “Mega lizard rock energy” (the interview)

EN: Metdog is one of the top 3 most exciting new bands around. His songs rain down like comets on Mars. His music is Martian, reptilian, garage, punk, and, also, weirdly danceable. The interview is logically just as “what the fuck” as the man behind these songs made for 👽🐕👽.

FR: Metdog, c’est l’un des top 3 nouveaux groupes les plus excitants de ces derniers mois. Ses morceaux pleuvent comment des comètes sur Mars. Sa musique est martienne, reptilienne, garage, punk, et, surtout, chelou-dansante. L’interview est logiquement tout aussi “what the fuck” que l’auteur de ces morceaux pour 👽🐕👽.



How are you? What’s up with you these days?

Yo I am good, Just finished uni for the semester, so I am in max cruise control.

Good to hear! OK, very important question to start with: which dog breed is the best?

German shorthaired pointer, for sure.

Yeah? Okay. Now, what was your intention when you created Metdog? Has it evolved over time?

Honestly, my intention was to just play some music and see where it goes, the overall aim I suppose is to get better at producing and playing music so yea, whatever happens… happens, I suppose?

Fair enough. Tell me, if you had to summarize Metdog in just one sentence, what would it be?

Mega lizard rock energy fuck the metdogs give us truly public transport guitar computer music.

I hope this becomes a scene, the “give us truly public transport guitar computer” music scene.

Your music

Several of your songs are about cyberspace: “Online  U”, “did you get my email?”, “Tesla”, “HD vision visor”, etc. Why is that? 

Ummm, well, I suppose it’s just a huge part of everyday life, arguably most of life these days is screen time so it’s less of a conceptual idea to write about more just translation of everyday, average thought, and feelings? Also, I think it’s good to criticize the new age, ya know?

You mean you don’t like the metaverse? 😉 To your music style, are you part of the egg punk scene? Garage punk?

Well, I don’t really think egg so much. We don’t play shows/get asked to play with any egg punk bands at all. Definitely, in Melbourne rock music everything has a garage kinda twinge, pre much all bands we play with are DIY bands so yea I suppose garage scene more broadly.

Well, in fact, it seems to me that your music is moving away from garage punk (“Uma Thurmun”) and is becoming increasingly UFO-inspired. Is that a fair characterization?

I guess we love rock music but don’t so much identify with the hella macho/ masculine aspects of it. I wrote that song when I was like 18, so… honestly, I was still (and am still) figuring it all out. That being said, it’s fun to whip out in a set, the first EP is shrouded with a dense veil of irony.

And which bands are inspiring you? 

So hard to narrow that down, to be honest. I am absorbing vibes from far and wide at the moment no one specifically. Maybe Parquet Court? At least at this moment in time…

But I would say mainly Ed Sheeran because he’s an absolute tool, and I loath what the world has done to him. Also, Drake, also because he’s a tool.

Melbourne scene is arguably the world’s best in 2021. Does it feel like that from the inside?

Honestly, we’re emerging from the longest lockdown in the world, so feels like I haven’t been around music for 2 years. Though there are so many great DIY bands in AUS I love it, some are huge too like Gizz, TF’s etc and so that’s a strange kinda beacon of hope perhaps?

To conclude

And now… here is a (very) complex question: what important truth do very few people agree with you on (whether it concerns music or anything else)?

Gee, whizz…. to put it simply, revitalize the bus system and build fewer roads.

I think you’re ready to run for President or Prime Minister. Back to music, what is your favorite album of the last few months?

Lol moment of vulnerability I have been cranking Suicide Season by Bring Me the Horizon lol, its so huge, omg.

I love it! A message for Elon Musk?

Eat my shorts.

Elon, if you read us… When can we expect some new music from you? Is there any plan for a new LP?

Yes, there is a new LP well and truly demo’d, “Hey Siri” is a track from it. We released that demo recently through Critter records compilation. Suss it out if u wanna peep tha vibes.

Will definitively cover it on Still in Rock :). One movie I should watch?


Last question: is “rock’n’roll dead”? 

Look… probably!