Best of 2017: EPs, videos, artworks & more !

Best of: part 1/3

Here it is, the publication of the best of 2017 finally begins. As always, I’ll start with the best EPs, the best artworks, the best videos and… with some statistics. Tomorrow, I’ll start publishing the top 20 of the best LPs of the year, and I’ll finish with the 100 best songs (on Thursday). Love, xoxo.


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The 5 best EPs of 2017

1. Cut Worms – Alien Sunset // (mp3) Cut Worms – A Curious Man
2. Martian Subculture – Please Wait // (mp3) Martian Subculture – My Final Day
3. Sollomon Hollow – Sollomon Hollow // (mp3) Sollomon Hollow – Cheese
4. Hoorsees – The Horror Sees // (mp3) Hoorsees – The Horror Sees
5. Ghosts – Black Sheep // (mp3) Ghosts – Jump My Bones


Best first LP: ORB – Naturality
Best European band: Dr Chan
Best artist outside of the USA: King Gizzard


The 5 best videos of the year

1. TH da Freak – I Don’t Understand 

2. Ty Segall – Break A Guitar 

3. Sheer Mag – Suffer Me 

4. boy pablo – Everytime 

5. Dr Chan – BLANnnK$$$ (Bloody No$e) 


The 3 best artworks of 2017

1. Meatbodies – Alice

2. Martian Subculture – Folk Music From Another Planet

3. King Krule – The OOZ


The 2 ugliest artworks of 2017

1. Oh Sees – ORC

2. OCS – Memory of a Cut off Head


The biggest movements of 2017:

  • Australia has literally exploded in 2017 and this is THE biggest event of 2017, just see how many excellent releases were putted out, including: Vacations, Brad Pot, Dune Rats, Le Pine, Moistoyster, Skegss, Nun of the Tongue, White Bleaches, Chillers, Dennis Cometti, Wavves, Neighbourhood Void, Lunatics On Pogosticks, Wax Cactus, ORB, Boy Germs, The Vacant Smiles, et bien sur, de King Gizzard! What a mess, the U.S. are almost down!
  • I was saying, last year, that 2016 was the year of slacker. Well oh well, with these Australian bands + our American friends, slacker is THE KING of 2017! The reason? Because it’s the CORE of what rock’n’roll should be: fun. The 2000s were about garage, about getting back to something raw. Now that it’s taken for granted, here’s the slacker as a major movement of the years 10’s. I’ll keep talking about it, FOREVER?!
  • Jizz Jazz and bedroom pop are doing so well that they might become a genre as recognized as it was in the 1990s. The novelty is the appearance of Martian pop – after the spectral pop of Alex Calder. We’ll see where it’ll go. Cut Worms might be the leader!
  • Everything has to be politically correct (yes, PC). Our interview with Dream Machine caused a “global scandal”, and I don’t think the Weinstein affair is going to help anything. Watch out, more is coming, 2018 will decimate bands, labels, tour managers and more. But for now, the post-Weinstein era has reached several artists reviewed on Still in Rock (including Alex Calder and Ducktails, to which we can say bye bye for a long time).


And to conclude, here are few of the most important things that happened for Still in Rock in 2017:

  • my interview with Dream, biggest scandal in Still in Rock history: link
  • the Gimme Top 5 who came to stir every Wednesday, often with great interest on your side: link
  • the multiplication of “world premiere” (as well as the number of visitors), a much appreciated proof of your trust: link

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