The Colorcast #5 is finally here. This podcast/mixtape is becoming a Still in Rock institution. Created by Jacob Weaver, singer of Murals, this fifth Colorcast is the occasion to discover a lot of unknown sonorities, jazzy ones, folky ones, Japanese ones, some psyche and always more. Don’t assume that this new Colorcast is melancholic because of the first seconds, it reflects what Murals music can produce : a melting sun, a lot of sincerity, and most of all, the greatest love.
1. Oliver Wallace – Good Advice (0:00)
2. The Romans – Shorebreak (0:30)
3. New Riders of the Purple Sage – All I Ever Wanted (2:35)
4. Sun Ra – Tapestry of an Asteroid (7:12)
5. Happy Family Jawbone Band – Fistfull of Butter (9:17)
6. Bob Lind – Cool Summer (11:03)
7. Kyu Sakamato – Sukiyaki (16:48)
8. Daughters of Eve – Hey Lover (19:53)
9. Moby Grape – Beautiful is Beautiful (22:11)
10. the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Tubas in the Moonlight (24:32)

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