Mixtape Still in Rock #4 : High School is Forever

(english) High School is Forever. The baseball team is trashin’ everyone in the hallways of Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, few cheerleaders are following these big muscles, nerds are talking about mathematics and Shady Lane is walking is slow motion, wind in her hair. And suddenly, the bell starts rigging, some are running to be first in class, others are staying close to the lockers while chewing a gum and giving smile to pretty girls. It’s High School, it’s Forever, welcome to the new Still in Rock mixtape, High School is Forever.

(french) High School is Forever. L’équipe de baseball trash’ tout le monde dans les couloirs du lycée Rock ‘N’ Roll, quelques pom pom girls suivent ces tas de muscles, on entend des Nerds parler de mathématiques et Shady Lane marche au ralenti, cheveux au vent. Et soudainement, la sonnette retenti, certains courent pour être les premiers assis, d’autres restent proche des casiers à mâcher un chewing-gum et à sourire aux jolies filles qui passent. Bienvenue dans la nouvelle mixtape Still in Rock, High School is Forever.

1. Ramones – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School  (00:00)

2. Milk ‘N’ Cookies – Typically Teenage  (02:34)
3. Chuck Berry – School Days  (05:06)
4. Total Slacker – Thyme Traveling High School Dropout  (07:48)
5. MC5 – High School  (10:55)
6. No Trend – Teen Love  (13:29)
7. Beastie Boys – The Sounds of Science  (20:00)
8. Television Personalities – Silly Girl  (21:29)
9. Violent Femmes – Gimme The Car  (24:13)
10. Pavement – Summer Babe [Winter Version]  (29:15)
11. The Beach Boys – Be True To Your School  (32:26)
12. Big Star – Thirteen  (34:30)
13. Silver Jews – Advice To The Graduate  (37:04)
14. The Damned – Fan Club  (40:11)
15. Ramones – Teenage Lobotomy  (43:04)
16. Sauna – I Was A Teenage Girl  (45:05)
17. Bare Wires – School Days  (47:16)

(mp3) Mixtape Still in Rock #4 : High School is Forever

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