Mixtape Still in Rock #2 : What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Mixtape?

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Après une première mixtape “From 1985 to 1995”, je me suis longtemps posé la question du thème de cette deuxième. C’est finalement nos amis estivaux Frankeinstein, Nosferatu et autres Mummies qui auront emporté la mise. Cette deuxième Mixtape, “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Mixtape?” (réf.), compile sorcières, fantômes, zombies, morts vivants, loups-garous, diables, vampires, tombes et autres monstres tous plus sympathiques les uns que les autres. Poussez la lourde porte du chateau et laissez-vous guider dans les catacombes de cette deuxième Mixtape Still in Rock. Sueurs garanties.
After a first mixtape entitled “From 1985 to 1995“, I was wondering which theme will be best for the second one. Frankeinstein, Nosferatu and Mummies finally won the day. This second mixtape, “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Mixtape?” (ref.), blends witches, ghosts, zombies, living-deads, werewolves, evils, vampires and others monsters. Push the castle door and let Still in Rock guide you through the catacombs of this mixtape. Cold sweats guaranteed.
1. Guided by Voices – Cut-Out Witch  (00:00)
2. The Only Ones – No Peace for the Wicked  (02:59)
3. Shannon And The Clams – Surrounded By Ghosts  (05:43)
4. The King Khan & BBQ Show – Zombies  (08:51)
5. The Beets – Dead  (10:57)
6. Laika & The Cosmonauts – Psycko  (13:07)
7. Syd Barrett – Wolfpack  (15:28)
8. Television – See No Evil  (19:05)
9. Sonic Youth – Halloween  (22:56)
10. Naomi Punk – I’m Already Dead  (27:19)
11. Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch  (31:23)
12. Violent Femmes – Werewolf  (33:40)
13. The Meteors – My Daddy Is a Vampire  (37:39)
14. Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Monster Mash  (41:15)
15. The White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground  (44:23)
16. Arctic Monkeys – Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But…  (47:21)
17. Jackie Morningstar – Rockin’ in the Graveyard  (51:46)
18. Roky Erickson  – I Walked With A Zombie  (54:21)
19. Vanilla Fudge – Season of the Witch  (57:08)

(mp3) Mixtape #2 – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Mixtape?

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