Gimme Top 5 : Best Songs for Haters

The concept of this section is very simple: every Wednesday (or so), Still in Rock proposes to list a few “top 5”: the best songs of an artist, the best albums of a label, the best albums of a musical genre and so on…. One day, we’ll even make the top five of these top five, I promise. The exercise is necessarily subjective but it compensates with one of its qualities: to titillate all those who think that lists are useless. Whether you like it or not, the amount of information available on the Internet is endless, so let’s try to put some order into it. Enjoy reading my friends!


Le concept de cette rubrique est des plus simples : tous les mercredis (ou presque), Still in Rock se propose de lister quelques “top 5” : celui des meilleurs morceaux d’un artiste, celui des meilleurs albums d’un label, celui des meilleurs albums d’un genre musical et j’en passe… Un jour, on fera même le top 5 des tops 5, promis. L’exercice est nécessairement subjectif mais il compense par l’une de ses qualités : titiller tous ceux qui pensent que les listes ne servent à rien. Qu’on le veuille ou non, la quantité d’information disponible sur Internet est sans fin. Tachons d’y mettre un peu d’ordre, chacun à notre échelle.
Bonne lecture my friends !

Best Songs for Haters


5. Average Time – I Hate Tomato Juice and I Hate You

4. Slick! – I Hate Girls

3. Archers Of Loaf – Hate Paste

2. Redd Kross – Kill Someone You Hate

1. JAMC – I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll

To be considered as well:

Stoics – Hate

The Hunches – Got Some Hate

Authorities – I Hate Cops

Useless Eaters – I Hate The Kids

Vaguess – Hate What You Do

Freeze – I Hate Tourists

MAD – I Hate Music

Monks – I Hate You

The Dils – I Hate The Rich

Hot Snakes – I Hate The Kids

Moonhearts – I Hate Myself

Violent Femmes – I Hate The TV

Adolescents – I Hate Children

The Clash – Hate & War

Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate

Double Cheese – I Hate The 60s

Paul Jacobs – I Know You Hate Me

The Posies – I May Hate You Aometimes

Shoes – Hate to Run

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