Mixtape Still in Rock x Perdiz Magazine – Watch The Sunrise

Mixtape Still in Rock x Perdiz Magazine

Les amis, Still in Rock est heureux de vous annoncer la parution de sa nouvelle mixtape, via Perdiz Magazine. Perdiz, c’est un magazine espagnol qui célèbre le thème de la “joie”. Il nous a logiquement demandé de construire une mixtape autour de ce dernier.
Vous ne serez pas étonné de constater qu’elle contient une large dose de Power Pop. Mais pas que. Je ne pouvais passer à côté des “summer babes” de Pavement, du “summer feeling” de Richman, ni même des “good vibrations” des Beach Boys. Vous l’aurai compris, cette mixtape est plus que jamais de saison. Alors, à vos marques, prêts, plongez !


How to define joy? Kerouac said that “the more ups and downs, the more joy I feel. The greater the fear, the greater the happiness I feel.” The relativity of the feelings is something real, but I wanted to picture a different truth. I wanted to picture joy as an ideal, at its highest point, without any shades. For this, I had to use a lot of Power Pop, because it is a musical genre that has its roots in a different world where the easiness of life matches its colorful musical notes.

After having fumbled in my musical library, looking for all keywords that could evoke joy in me, I finally made up my mind to what was the most obvious: choose the pieces that procure such a feeling. I am now hoping I can take you with me of this beautiful journey.


01. Thee Makeout Party – 2 EZ 2 Luv You  (00:00)
02. The Shivvers – Teenline  (03:05)
03. Milk ‘N’ Cookies – Not Enough Girls (In The World)  (06:44)
04. Flamin’ Groovies – Shake Some Action  (10:12)
05. The Replacements – I Will Dare  (14:40)
06. The Records – Starry Eyes (45 version)  (17:55)
07. Shoes – Writing a Postcard  (22:10)
08. The Rubinoos – I Think We’re Alone Now  (24:47)
09. The Beach Boys  – Good Vibrations  (27:37)
10. Big Star – Watch the Sunrise  (31:10)
11. Wyatt Blair – This Is A Happy Song For Sad People  (34:48)
12. The Beat – Rock n Roll Girl  (36:32)
13. Jonathan Richman – That Summer Feeling  (38:43)
14. Hogs – Loose Lip Sync Ship  (43:47)
15. Total Slacker – Magical Date Night  (47:46)
16. Pavement – Summer Babe [Live]  (51:00)

(mp3) Still in Rock x Perdiz Magazine – Watch the Sunrise

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