Still in Rock is (very) pleased to publish the latest Echoes. We have teamed up with super talented photographer Marceau Guehl (@myblurryobsession) to bring you a monthly series of photos that echo one of our favorite albums of the past few weeks. The concept is simple: we send him an album, he takes photos that reflect it. Echoes of March 2024 takes us back to Playing Favorites, by Sheer Mag.


Words by the photographer: With the music of Playing Favourites blaring from his headphones, Antoine gradually turned into a cowboy. As night fell, he would roam the bars, drinking shot after shot, as if challenging Sheer Mag to see who could be the baddest.

Hey Cowboy… #1 © Marceau Guehl (2024)

Hey Cowboy… #2 © Marceau Guehl (2024)