Gimme Top 5

The concept of this section is very simple: every Wednesday (or so), Still in Rock proposes to list a few "top 5": the best songs of an artist, the best albums of a label, the best albums of a musical genre and so on.... One day, we'll even make the top five of these top five, I promise. The exercise is necessarily subjective but it compensates with one of its qualities: to titillate all those who think that lists are useless. Whether you like it or not, the amount of information available on the Internet is endless, so let's try to put some order into it. Enjoy reading my friends!

Voici tous les Gimme Top 5 publiés à ce jour :

- Worst Band Names Ever
- Best Band Names Ever
- Best Albums Titles Ever
Best Thee Oh Sees' tracks
Best bands from Brisbane of the 2010's
Best bands from Philadelphia of the 2010's
Best bands from Melbourne of the 2010's
Best Glam Rock bands of the 2010's
Best Bubblegum bands of the 2010's
Best Martian/Spectral bands of the 2010's
Best Bedroom bands of the 2010's
Best grungy bands of the 2010's
Best shoegaze bands of the 2010's
The loudest european bands
Best Fugazi's videos
Best Pavement's videos
Best Beck's videos
Best Johnny Thunders' videos
Jay Reatard's best songs

Best songs over 15 minutes
Best songs about dancing
Best songs about obsessions
Best songs about babes
Best Psych Songs of the 2010's
- Best songs entitled beer-something

- Burger Records Best LPs
- Drag City Best LPs
- Goner Records' Best LPs
- Merge Records' Best LPs
- Captured Tracks' Best Artists
- Suicide Squeeze Records' Best LPs

- The least exciting things of 2019
- The most exciting things of 2019
- Best albums of the summer 2018
- Best singles of the summer 2018
- Best Music Video Sessions
Best Gay-Punk LPs ever

DES GIMME TOP 5 !!!!!!